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I have just launched a range of GIFT CARDS.

Each card comes with a unique code which when used subtracts the Gift Card value from the purchase.

They make for a lovely gift as the recipient can choose the image they want when they order. the card can be to the entire value of the artwork, or make a contribution.

I have created a number of Gifts at different price points and for different products. They start at £75 value (available for £60) and go right up to £2995 for a Backlit artwork.

There are different Gift Cards for different products, so for example there is a Gift Card for a 32" Acrylic artwork

Each Gift Card has its own discount and you can save up to £100!

You can see them all in the Shop - they are listed below the collection of images- just before the Gallery Sale items.

Make someone happy this Christmas with a lovely Galaxy on Glass Gift card.

Happy Christmas!

Chris Baker.

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