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What's Up? - SEPTEMBER 2021

Each month I highlight a few objects you can spot in the night sky without the need for optical equipment. Here are the exciting things for SEPTEMBER2021

The Moon

The moon puts on a nice display this month starting with a beautiful crescent on the nights 8th-10th.

It is really worth spotting the moon on the evening of the 8th as it is close to the beautiful shining planet Venus. It is a 9% waxing moon and you'll need to look just after sunset low in the south western sky. (Never use binoculars in the direction of the sun!)

Venus is shining brightly close by and the pair will look stunning!

Venus and the Moon close together early evening on the 8th September

Courtesy of Stellarium

Finally, the Full Moon on the 20th September occurs shortly before the northern hemisphere equinox making that full moon the Harvest moon.


The Gas Giants - Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter is that beautiful bright object you can see in the southern night sky after sunset. It doesn't rise that high this month, not making it above 22 degrees from the UKvbut you cannot miss it!

Saturn is also nicely placed to observe this month although it is never as bright as Jupiter. Again it is in the southern sky and not that far from Jupiter.

Note that planets, unlike stars, do not twinkle- this may help you spot them.

Jupiter and Saturn in the south-eastern sky mid month

Courtesy of Stellarium

Constellation of the month: PEGASUS

This month I am highlighting the wonderful 'winged horse' Pegasus - see if you can spot this constellation.

How to spot:

Pegasus in the night sky

Courtesy of Stellarium

The best way to spot this wonderful constellation is to look for the large asterism - the rectangle - as you see in the diagram above. Look high-up in the evening sky and east of the bright object -Jupiter.

Let me know if you see this constellation!

Enjoy the night sky this month and let me know about your observations

Thank you for reading this blog and do let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to my Newsletter each month.

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