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In 2022 I launched this new range of media for all my images - FRAMELESS ALUMINIUM: The images are printed on polished aluminium to give a stunning vivid piece of art.

The printing process is known as 'Chromaluxe' uses a dye sublimation process to transfer the image under heat and pressure to the specially prepared surface of the aluminium - giving high gloss finish in high resolution with deep rich colours!

It's a magnificent piece of art which will last generations! The archival inks and glossy finish shows off these deep space images in the highest quality.

As with the acrylic pieces these are  frameless - bringing that modern feel with clean lines.  They come with a simple hanging system on the back ready to put on the wall straight from the box!

They are available in the same sizes as the acrylic pieces - 18" 32" and 48" widths, with editions of 25, 15 and 5 respectively.

They cost slightly less to manufacture than the acrylic pieces so retail at prices below the acrylic.

Oh and one other thing- they can be hung outside too!

You can visit the shop right HERE 

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