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The FRAMELESS ACRYLIC pieces look modern, punchy and stunning on any wall. They really do make an impact in a room. Really cool. They only need two screws to hang.

They bring a room alive and express the wonder of the universe!

All images in the shop are available in this artwork type.

The image is sandwiched between layers with acrylic on the front surface giving a vibrant, glossy and beautiful result. 80+ year archival inks are used for printing, ensuring they do not fade and give a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

​The art piece comes with a certificate, background information on the object and how it was photographed and a download card for the Galaxy on Glass music album.

​Each is made to order and takes 4 weeks then a short time for shipment.

HOW DO I ORDER? – choose the image in the SHOP and select Acrylic and the size. It is as simple as that!

Sizes and edition numbers:
Each image comes in 18”, 32” or 48” widths with only 25, 15 and 5 editions respectively.

The depths vary slightly depending on the image, but are typically 70% of the width +/-, so they are rectangular.

If you have questions not answered on my web site please contact me.

Watch the video to learn more.

The Jellyfish.png


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