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I am delighted to have customers all over the world enjoying images of deep space art and reading my journey. My pictures are in homes and offices from Wellington in NZ to Glasgow in Scotland.


Sometimes they are birthday or anniversary presents and everything must be kept a secret.

Often, fine art of deep space is purchased to bring a room alive, to create a centre piece, whether that is in a home, office or reception. Behind each image is a story, how far away the object is and what it is. The wonder and majesty of space brought closer to home. Below are a number examples and ideas which I hope you will find useful.

Have a browse of my image collections but please get in touch. I am passionate about my art and am happy to discuss astrophotography and deep space with you! If you’d like to know more about the location of my shoots, click here.


I am available by email and phone with any questions you may have to help in your decision.

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