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This wall-art makes a big impact in any room. You will be immersed in the beauty of the cosmos and never tire of looking at the wonders of our universe. They form the centre-piece in any room. As the light within a room dims the stars come out.

All images in the shop are available in this format.

The image is printed on to acrylic, mounted into a frame and backlit with LED panels hidden and built into the back. This creates a stunning visual effect as the light shines evenly through the image bringing a room alive. 80+ year archival inks are used for printing and combined with the extremely reliable panels so that the art will not fade.

The frames are built from one piece of wood, so with no joints there is no light leak. The frames are easy to hang with two brackets on the back, just requiring two screws. The art piece comes with a certificate, background information on the object and how it was photographed and a download card for the Galaxy on Glass music album.

Built into the underside of the frame is a discreet on/off switch. A cable and correct specification plug is supplied. Each is made to order and takes 3-4 weeks then a short time for shipment.

Sizes and Edition numbers

Each image comes in 32” or 48” widths with only 15 and 5 editions respectively.

The depths vary slightly depending on the image, but are typically 70% of the width +/-, so they are rectangular.

Optional Extras:
Built-in Transformer Option: Applicable if you have a plug socket directly behind the picture or wish to wire it in. This option includes a deeper frame to accommodate the transformer. (52mm rather than 38mm). Please click here to see this in the shop.

If you have questions not answered on my web site please contact me any time.

Watch the video to learn more.

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