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A NEW FEATURE - A spacey Podcast!

I am delighted to be collaborating with Dr. Chris Stewart - physicist and science communicator at the University of York and Dr. Emily Brunsden - Lecturer in Astro Physics and head of Astro Campus at the University of York, England.

Together they produce a super podcast called Syzygy.

It covers topical news and subjects from across the cosmos!

I particularly enjoy this podcast as they keep the material accessible and present it in a fun way - even quirky some might say! So I thought you'd love it too.

Each month I will select a Podcast which I think you will enjoy.

#1 Are there Penguins on Venus?

This first episode I want to bring you is from last September and they turn their attention to our neighbouring planet - Venus.

Last year a research team announced the discovery of a gas known as Phosphine in the hostile atmosphere of Venus.

Why is this interesting? Well - the only way this gas is produced here on earth is by living things - it is a 'biosignature' -it's even found in the stomachs of Penguins.

Could this be the real first evidence of life elsewhere?

Find out here in this entertaining podcast from Emily and Chris.

Listen HERE and I hope you enjoy!

Next month I will select another great episode for you!

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