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Imaging from Australia

For over ten years I have been imaging from a mountain top in Spain - remotely of course - from my home in the UK.

Then in the summer of 2021 I added another facility, this time in Australia, so as to be able to image the southern hemisphere sky and a whole host of new objects. Those who live in the southern hemisphere claim the choice of objects is better than the northern sky - I'm finding out!

My equipment is located at a hosted site called The Heaven's Mirror observatory run by a super technician and owner of the facility named Martin Pugh. It is located near a town called Yass in New South Wales where the skies are crystal clear.

Martin has many customers on his site, some with their own equipment and others renting rigs from him which he has set up.

The equipment is housed in weather controlled sheds:

In the last few weeks I have shipped a new camera and my amazing Takahashi 150 telescope out to the site and Martin has just completed the installation - so in the coming weeks I hope to launch new images using this super telescope.

Here is the scope- mine on the left of the image.

I have launched a number of images since imaging from Australia, including The Eta Carinae Nebula and The Fighting Dragons of Ara.

The Fighting Dragons of Ara

The Eta Carinae Nebula

I hope you love these images and do pop along to the shop to see more!

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