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The Mandala Collection

I am delighted to announce the launch of a brand new collection of images.

In conjunction with digital artist Rachel bath we have created these beautiful Mandalas - complex circular patterns - built from my original deep space images.

This is an example of a complex mandala pattern - this one created from my deep space image: Island in Space

Island in Space

Framed Acrylic Island in Space Mandala

I have launched 5 new images in the Mandala Collection - each one built from one of my deep space images.

They are available in Framed Acrylic and Framed Backlit 32" and 48" widths. All are very limited edition pieces. They look amazing!

Go and see the whole range of Mandalas right HERE!

The Swan Mandala Framed and Backlit

Each piece comes with a beautiful A3 Fine Art Print of the original deep space image from which the Mandala was created.

There is an introductory 10% discount on all pieces- use the promo code: MANDALA on check-out.

Go and see the whole range of Mandalas right HERE!

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