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I am delighted to announce the launch of a new image: MOTHER AND DAUGHTER - a stunning pair of interacting galaxies:

Image of NGC 1232: Mother and Daughter

Beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 1232 and it's baby companion Galaxy NGC 1232A.

This galaxy is over 68 million light years away and almost double the size of our own galaxy the Milky Way. The daughter is around 65 million light years distance.

You can see many nebula on the intricate spiral arms reaching out deep into space.

This was taken using a telescope owned by a friend of mine in Australia - so it was a joint project. It is the only image on my site exclusively from the Southern Hemisphere.

It is available in all the artwork types: Acrylic, Backlit and as a Fine Art Print.

SPECIAL OFFER: During February there is a special offer on any of the artwork types for this image. use the code: new on check-out to receive a 15% discount!

You can see it right here in the shop


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