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  • Chris Baker


I am delighted to announce the launch of two new images: Cosmic Dance and The Eagle. They are very different to each other- Cosmic Dance is an image of two interacting galaxies 23 million light years away and The Eagle is a large star forming region within our galaxy approximately 7,000 light years away.

They present different colours and styles - each in their own way look amazing on the wall, either as Acrylic, Backlit or as a Fine Art print.

Click below to learn more about each of these new images.

Cosmic Dance - Known as The Whirlpool Galaxy or M51


The Eagle - known as M17 it contains the iconic Pillars of Creation!


And finally...don't forget there are two Vouchers remaining enabling 20% off any image ordered by the end of this month

and don't forget to look out for Mars in the evening sky - look East and you can't miss it.

Kind regards Chris.

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