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I have been an astrophotographer since 2001 as an extension of my lifelong interest in astronomy. I am fortunate to be able to turn what began as an absorbing hobby into a full-time profession which I love and where there is so much to discover. I’ve won awards for my photography and contributed articles to the BBC Publication “The Sky at Night” and UK “Astronomy Now “magazines.

I enjoy the challenges of capturing data from objects which are trillions of miles away where the light has travelled through the universe over thousands or even millions of years to reach my camera.

I’m interested in investigating the cosmos through the language of art as an alternative to the language of physics which is baffling to many people. I see both physics and art to be simultaneous descriptions of reality which are equally valid. Like many scientists he was initially drawn to astronomy by a deep sense of wonder and awe for the beauty, enormity and mystery of the universe.

My art taps into the human urge we all share to contemplate the universe, with its themes of the vastness of distance and time and the smallness of mankind who despite his ingenuity will never tame or fully explain the cosmos. The universe just gets on with doing its thing irrespective of what we do.

I am passionate and dedicated in my pursuit of an outstanding photograph of a deep sky object as a starting point for my art. I creatively manipulate the data to produce wall art with immense impact on glass and acrylic. Beautiful art in its own right, each piece comes with a fascinating story. It may be Nebulae which is giving birth to stars like our Sun, a gigantic galaxy made up of a trillion stars or a star spectacularly disintegrating in vivid colour. Such art makes the cosmos more accessible and brings these wondrous distant objects closer to home.

Here is a quote from a customer:

“In my opinion, this is the way futuristic Art looks like. It supersedes Modern, Surreal and Subjective art forms such as the ones you see in the Tate Moderns of this world. I look and delve into these pictures and imagine the light years distances their light has travelled ions ago for me to enjoy them today. These images take my breath away with their beauty, clarity, sharpness and detail. The techniques applied by analysing the light through various wavelength filters, produce a breath-taking result and I wish I could buy more of them.”

If you would like to learn more about how the images are captured or to view some of the beautiful images from deep space then visit the gallery.

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