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PODCAST - Blanets and Squeezars!

I am delighted to be collaborating with Dr. Chris Stewart - physicist and science communicator at the University of York and Dr. Emily Brunsden - Lecturer in Astro Physics and head of Astro Campus at the University of York, England.

Together they produce a super podcast called Syzygy.

This month I have chosen a recent episode on some very strange theoretical objects from deep space- Blanets and Squeezars...but what are they?

Here is a short intro from the team:

We'll always happily talk about black holes — and today we'll extend that to things that go around black holes: blanets (black hole planets), and squeezars (stars so close to a black hole, they're squeezed by gravity). It's a stupidly epic discussion of stupidly large solar systems, stupidly big planets, stupidly fast stars on stupidly close orbits around stupidly supermassive black holes.

Listen HERE and I hope you enjoy!

Next month I will select another great episode for you!

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