• Chris Baker


The James Webb Space Telescope

you can watch it here live and the lift-off is 07:25 EST and 12:25 GMT

The program has already stared of course so you can watch now!

Here is the link


Illustration of the James Webb Telescope

Illustration showing the enormous sun-shield.

How does it get there?

An illustration of the deployment to L2

The journey will only take three days to be as far out as the moon and will be completed within 30 days. Extensive testing will then take place prior to the first results expected next year.

What is it going to do?

The early Universe

The JWST will be able to look back to around 200 million years after the Big Bang, when the first stars in the Universe formed.

The first stars are thought to have been massive giants made of hydrogen and helium, whose short lives ended in the supernovae that created the heavier elements we detect in younger stars today. To see this period in cosmic history, we need sensitive infrared instruments to detect the faint traces of light that have travelled through space and time to reach us.

Ancient galaxies