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What Am I Working On?

Each month I highlight an imaging project I am currently working on.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a number of sections of the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds - from the observatory in Australia.

The Magellanic Clouds

These are two highly irregular-shaped galaxies orbiting our own milky way galaxy. They can be seen with the naked eye in the southern hemisphere - sadly not from the northern hemisphere though!

They have a number of active star-forming regions- nebulae - which are beautiful to photograph. The galaxies also show dense stars patches which look quite stunning.

Here is an example of the dense stars in one section of the Small Magellanic Cloud. You can also just make out some red star forming regions too. I may launch this as an image in the Galaxy on Glass range.

A section of the Small Magellanic Cloud showing star forming regions.

Large Magellanic Cloud

In addition I have been working on imaging one of the largest star forming regions in the Large Magellanic Clouds- the Tarantula Nebula. Doesn't sound great but it is beautiful!

Raw data Ha 30 minute exposure

I have nearly completed capturing the required data and will now begin the task of processing. I use a range of software tools to extract the beauty and hopefully produce something that will look stunning on a wall as a Galaxy on Glass piece!

If you are interested in being notified of the completion of this piece- in advance of launch - and receiving a special introductory price then simply let me know by email headed 'LMC'.

Finally I have been working a special commission for a customer in the USA for their beautiful new home. They would like a 12ft by 4ft Framed Backlit piece of a section of the Veil Nebula. Once finished it will be printed by my fine art printer and then constructed as a Framed backlit piece - and shipped to the USA!

Here is the image:

If you are interested in a commissioned piece then do email me at

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