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What Am I Working On?

Each month I highlight an imaging project I am currently working on.

Over the last two few months I have been working on a new image of the HORSEHEAD NEBULA.

Although I already have an image of the Horsehead which is stunning - and many of you have purchased it (thank you!) -I also want a different version to add to the one already available- below:

I want a wider view, taking in The Flame Nebula too and more of the nebulosity. Plus I wanted one which is taken at different wavelengths, which will ultimately create a very different piece of art with different colours.

I am imaging this from the observatory in Australia.

Below is an example of some RAW DATA - this is a single 30 minute uncalibrated exposure - a set of data imaged through a Hydrogen Alpha filter.

It gives you an idea of the field of view.

Note how noisy the image remains - showing just how much processing work must go on before I will get something of any use. Despite this looking pretty dreadful it is in fact excellent data!

Raw data of the Horsehead nebula using am Ha Filter - one 30 minute exposure.

Stick around as I hope to have a super image completed by the end of February. You'll be amazed how this image at the top, when combined with many more and processed will yield something beautiful.


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