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What's Up? - SEPTEMBER 2022

Each month I highlight a few objects you can spot in the night sky without the need for optical equipment. Here are the exciting things for SEPTEMBER 2022!


The Gas Giants - Jupiter and Saturn

How to Observe


This magnificent planet will be visible all month and will be shining down on you! You cannot miss this beautiful bright planet by looking east after dark. It's there all night and very bright

Look East.

Jupiter and Saturn near the Moon on the 10th September

Courtesy of Stellarium


Visible all month look south-east.

Saturn mid-month mid evening looking south east.

Courtesy of Stellarium


Mars brightens during September and you will certainly notice the red tinge of this beautiful planet. It is visible quite low in the eastern sky after midnight - later in the month is better.

Mars later in the month around midnight - looking east.

Courtesy of Stellarium

Note you can see it below Pleiades and close to the red star Aldebaran


The brightest planet in the solar system is a brilliant morning object for the first half of the month after which it gets too close to the sun to observe. So make sure you get up early to spot this beautiful object!

Venus at around 5:30 in the morning on the 8th as an example. Look east.

Courtesy of Stellarium

Enjoy the night sky this month and let me know about your observations

Thank you for reading this blog and do let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to my Newsletter each month.

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