This is in my gallery and I've decided to offer it at a very special price.

 It really is a lovely piece and looks superb in the brushed aluminium frame. SAVE over £400  compared to the list price of £1498.

It is being reframed and will be ready in mid February.


This Nebula is approx. 1,400 light years away, meaning that the light took 1,400 years to reach my camera, Earth time. The object is at least 20 light years across, making it a massive nebula. Objects such as this are star forming regions, where new stars are being created from the ionized gasses, plasma heat and dust. Contained within the structure are small clusters of stars recently born from within the nebula itself.


Gallery Sale -Framed 48" ORION II

  • From time to time I sell items from my gallery. This is a beautiful farmed acrylic piece available now. A FLASH SALE too!

  • Your art is made to order. The Acrylic and Backlit pieces take about 4 weeks to make and ship and the Fine Art prints are shipped within a week. I will keep you updated and set a convenient delivery date. Delivery includes packing, shippi