The creatively named 'Fighting Dragons Nebula' is located in the southern hemisphere constellation of Ara. It is a star forming region 4,000 lightyears away, and new-born stars carve out the incredible shapes seen in the dark cosmic dust, and cause the surrounding gas to glow by blasting it with streams of charged particles known as stellar winds.

It makes for truly dramatic wall-art!

The Fighting Dragons of Ara

  • This beautiful image captured from deep space is available as limited edition, unique wall art. Standard sizes range from 18″ to 48″ width. Choose from either Acrylic, giving a modern glass-like look or the stunning Framed and Backlit option. Or now the more affordable Fine Art Print range. I deliver worldwide. All images and types make a stunning centre piece in any room. To see examples of these images in situ, please go to INSPIRATION