This is in my gallery and I've decided to offer it at a very special price.

 It really is a lovely piece. SAVE nearly £200 compared to the list price of £778.

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The remains of a massive star that exploded as a super nova. Spectacular!

Approximately 8000 years ago a massive star exploded as a supernova. Here you see another section of the remains of this cataclysmic event as dust, gas and plasma flying through space. Although this is the end of a star it also represents a beginning as supernovae make up part of all you see, stars, planets, you and me! Like the Pickering's Triangle and the Veil, it also looks truly beautiful on a wall.

Gallery Sale -The Witch's Broom 36" Frameless Acrylic

  • This beautiful image captured from deep space is available as limited edition, unique wall art. This is a Gallery Sale item - 32" Frameless Acrylic piece. Only one available. To see examples of these images in situ, please go to INSPIRATION