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A Lot happened in 2022 at Galaxy on Glass!

Firstly I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my customers and to those who read my newsletter. Your support last year was truly appreciated. It was a record year which was super.

I had customers from all over our planet! I also did a few special commissions including a 10 foot wide backlit piece for a stunning glass and steel house north of New York. I also get many customers who come back for additional pieces. So thank you to my lovely customers, it means a lot that you like my work.

Much went on at my little enterprise, or should I say with my astro passion, as that is what it is!


I really got going with the set up in Australia and have launched a few images as a result. I share my equipment there with the Physics department of the University of York here in the UK and we had a number of students carrying out research last year. This continues! As I wroit


After a decade of imaging from a site in Spain I have finally moved on. In September and with a heavy heart I closed down my set-up and moved the fantastic telescope to Australia to replace the temporary one I had installed there. I am now concentrating on the southern hemisphere although I may return one day to imaging from the northern climbs! I would like to thank the team at AstroCampus in Nerpio for the support over these ten years. Amazing.

New Images in 2022

I launched new images taken by me in 2022 plus, after many requests, I made available some images from the new JWST instrument. These are a beautiful addition to the Galaxy on Glass collection. More will follow in 2023!

New Media - Polished Aluminium

In the summer I made all the images available on a new media, polished aluminium. I had been thinking about it for some time and had been investigating printers who could do a fantastic job. I eventually found the perfect partner and off we went. Many of you have ordered images on aluminium and it does look special.

New Supplier

I have always worked with some of the best fine art printers in the world to produce my art. I am fortunate in that I had a career in the printing industry so I know what I am looking for. I am demanding!

The backlit pieces and the fine art prints have always been produced for me by a super company near Oxford here in the UK. They have been a partner of mine since the inception of Galaxy on Glass in 2016.

For the acrylic pieces I used a company in London, but in early 2022 they decided not to continue to produce this type of work. After much research I settled on a an amazing company in Cologne in Germany. They also produce the aluminium pieces so everything fitted into place! They now make the acrylic and aluminium art and ship worldwide. They are also very efficient!

New Scientist Live

As many of you know I have been advertising in the New Scientist magazine since I started GOG in 2016. In 2016 they also began the fantastic science event in London: New Scientist Live. I have attended with a stand every year and did so again this October. Thank you to the hundreds of people who came to see my stand and who purchased there too! I'll be there next October too.

Galaxy on Glass in 2023

New Images

I'll be launching new images during the year. I've quite a bit of data in the can already and have yet to process it, so let's see! As I sit here writing this on a cold January 2nd afternoon in Hertfordshire, my telescope in Australia in pointed to a section of the Carina Nebula which I shall be working on in the coming weeks. I never know if they will be good enough to launch for Galaxy on Glass until I have finally taken the imaging then the professing as far as possible. You can also expect a new image or two from the JWST! Let me know if there is one in particular you like and I'll see what I can do.


I will continue to do one-off pieces, usually special sizes of the images I have in the shop. Just ask!

Special Offers

I'll have special offers during the year and it starts with this month - 15% discount and 20% on the Eta Carina image. So keep a look-out.

I wish all of year a healthy and successful 2023.

Chris Baker

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