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What's Up? - JUNE 2022

Each month I highlight a number of objects you can spot with the naked eye. So here we go for the remainder of JUNE 2022.



You'll need to get up early to see this wonderful sight.


Mercury is always a tough planet to spot as it followed the sun so closely and is generally low down in the sky. This month it is possible to spot early morning about 30-60 minutes prior to sunrise (never use optical equipment near the sun).

The later in the month the better and let me know if you see it!

The planets at around 4:00am on the 23rd June with the crescent Moon

Courtesy of Stellarium

Note the above example is for a specific date (23rd) but the planets will appear like this for all the month of June.


Venus is currently a stunning early morning object, again rising 30-60 minutes prior to sunrise. Look in an easterly direction.


Mars is also a morning object and you will see it along with the others is a fine display throughout the month. Its brightness increases during the month and it rises at least two hours before the sun.

Saturn and Jupiter

Both planets are morning objects and it is worth seeing them along with Venus and Mars. Look east at around 4pm or earlier!

The stunning planet alignment later in the month

Courtesy of Stellarium


The season of noctilucent clouds is with us once again!

These clouds are formed by a thin layer of ice particles at high altitude. - as high as 82Km in what is known as the mesosphere.

If they are present as the sun sets then they reflect the light despite it being dark and glow agonist the darkened sky.

You can spot them typically about an hour or two after sunset above the north-western horizon.

They are generally low in the sky so you'll need a good low horizon to get a good view.

You may be lucky enough to see them higher in the sky later at night.

They often appear this beautiful blue colour so do let me know if you spot them this month.

Enjoy the night sky this month and let me know about your observations

Thank you for reading this blog and do let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to my Newsletter each month.

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